Security Automation Based on Artificial Intelligence presented at phdays 2016

by Rahul Sasi,

Summary : It is clear that traditional web application security scanners are incapable of finding logical security bugs. The speaker will show users how they can build tools that detect such bugs by using machine learning as a key ingredient. The talk is for cloud-based application security enthusiasts.LanguageEnglishRahul Sasi has over seven years of experience in security, research, and product development. He has authored multiple security tools, advisories, and articles. He spoke at various security conferences: Black Hat, CanSecWest, CoCon, Ekoparty, HITB, HITCON, Nullcon. He is the founder and CTO of CloudSek, a risk assessment company. Prior to founding CloudSek he was a senior engineer at Citrix.Rahul Sasi Rahul Sasi