Digital Certificates: Today’s Doomsday Defense – An In-Depth Look at the History and Evolution of PKI and its Ever Increasing Role in the Emergence of the IoT presented at CornerstonesofTrust 2016

by Ted Heiman,

Summary : Abstract: I was told by a colleague of mine several years back that PKI is Dead. Considering the many challenges that faced the technology at the time it was hard not to agree. It was early 2000 and deploying an internal PKI was extremely difficult and very expensive. In 2016 we have seen a keen resurgence in the use and deployment of Enterprise Class PKI Architectures being stood up at a considerable rate. There are two drivers for this renewed interest in PKI. First any organization that had an operating PKI probably built it several years ago and it is likely fraying around the edges and no longer meeting the needs of the organization. The second driver is the realization that PKI still solves many problems for the Enterprise but now it can be deployed at a reasonable cost and a nominal amount of complexity. With the massive increase in IOT Devices PKI has become even more critical allowing devices to authenticate and communicate without human intervention. Now that is a cool use case, and I do not think PKI is dead. I believe PKI is in it's infancy and will grow once again to be a dominant technology enabling the IOT.