The Road to Hiring is Paved in Good Intentions presented at CornerstonesofTrust 2016

by Tim O'brien,

Summary : Abstract: Everyone is complaining there is no one to hire, they cannot find qualified candidates, the hiring process is a pain – but yet there are folks wanting to get into the InfoSec field or into a new opportunity that have been unable. Why is that, and how as hiring managers should (and could) we be facilitating to improve the situation – and have more qualified candidates?
This talk takes the experiences of the speaker as both interviewer and interviewee, as well as from others within the scene in order to let the people making hiring decisions know what they can do to get the people and experience they need for their teams. In addition, this allows for candidates to learn the limiting factors and challenges of hiring mangers face in hopes to prepare for and 'hack the system' to work around them.