We Lost the Battle Against Intrusions — Are We Left to Raise Our Hands in Defeat? presented at CornerstonesofTrust 2016

by Roy Katmor,

Summary : Abstract: Enterprises are pouring billions of dollars into preventing threat actors from infiltrating the organization. Yet, the rising level of breaches shows that dedicated threat actors will penetrate the organization. Perhaps then the problem is not a technological one, but is rather one of strategy in dealing with cyber-threats?
In this session, we’ll propose a new defense approach. This strategy assumes that the environment is already compromised and focuses on preventing the real risk to the enterprise: the actual exfiltration and hijacking of data. We’ll show how adopting such a strategy enables organizations to streamline security and align with the business operations as they investigate and remediate a threat.
This session will discuss:
New and effective strategies to combat today’s advanced threats;
Removing the OpEx associated with security solutions;
Real-life cases of successful enterprises challenging their security status quo.