Web Security for Dummies presented at CornerstonesofTrust 2016

by Lee Neely,

Summary : Abstract: Today's web surfing experience is more riddled with landmines than ever, which results in compromises of end-user systems by the use of perpetually insecure browsers, plugins, and sometimes just bad user behavior. A few changes to approaching how you surf the web can raise the bar on the risks to compromise, such as using TOR, removing Flash and Java, and more.
Additionally, many of us run or validate the security of web servers. There are a few things web server owners can do that also aid users with a secure browsing experience. More and more users are looking for these same security enhancements, and such as the ISRG Lets Encrypt project's free SSL/TLS certificates.
This discussion will give you a short list of changes to better secure the web surfing experience both for users and customers.
After completing this session, participants will be able to:
Learn some optimal browser configuration options
Learn some browser best practices
Learn some web server configuration best practices
Learn about The Onion Network (TOR)
Learn about free HTTPS certificates for Web Servers.