Matehacking: Legalizing Autonomous Production and Permaculture - Establishing a Hack Farm presented at Hope 2016

by Fabrício Do Canto,

Summary : This talk will focus on a proposal to create a "mate hacking farm." Technologization is running full power in the direction of monoculture and industrial mass scale drying of mate using eucalyptus burning as an energy source. This will bring dramatic ethnological and environmental impact to the South American Pampas. Hackers can play an important role by developing easy to construct, recycled, upcycled, and DIY technology for the decentralized production of yerba mate in both traditional and new ways. This draws attention to the need for a solution for food sovereignty in the southern hemisphere. The "mate hacking farm" would be a fantastic place to tunnel in, get wired, and push new technologies and open-source forest management solutions. Any activistic, fantastical, solidary and commerce-free ideas and concepts are welcome to be executed there and planned for now.