The Future of BSides presented at BSidesLasVegas 2016

by David Mortman, Jack Daniel, Mike Dahn, Thomas Fischeer, Michelle Klinger, Genevieve Southwick,

Summary : This event represents the 271st BSides event since the first one was held at a house a few miles west of here in late July 2009. BSides events have been held in 94 cities in 25 countries, touching every continent except Antarctica. There were 60 events in 2014, 62 in 2015, and there will likely be even more this year.
These events are the result of the efforts of thousands of local organizers and volunteers around the world who make their events happen and build their local communities.
The BSides global organization, aka The Mothership, provides a variety of services to the organizers and to the BSides community at large. In this session members of the global Board will quickly review a bit of BSides history, then discuss the current role of the the global organization including the various services provided to organizers and others in the BSides community, as well as the challenges faced by the Board. We will then move to a discussion of possible future directions for the global organization, opening the conversation up to include Genevieve Southwick and Thomas Fischer and the community at large.
The goal of this session is to start a conversation which will continue in person at BSidesLV and online in the mail lists.