PLC for Home Automation and How It Is as Hackable as a Honeypot presented at BSidesLasVegas 2016

by Scott Erven, Philippe Lin,

Summary : The talk is about how to make PLCs work of your home automation and work as an ICS honeypot at the same time.
Current ICS honeypots are mostly based on CONPOT. It works very well, but is simulated and the readings of values don't usually change. As an intruder, it is easy to tell a CONPOT from a real working PLC. In this talk, I'd like to use home-made PLC and cheap industrial-level PLCs that you can buy from eBay and make them part of home automation. The system can pretend itself to be a factory with turbines, conveyor belts and boilers or any other realistic yet fun scenarios. Once it's hacked, you don't only see the results in the database, but optionally in the real world as well.