NG9-1-1: The Next Generation of Emergency Ph0nage presented at Defcon 2016

by Cincvolflt , Ak3r303 ,

Summary : For 48 years, 9-1-1 has been /the/ emergency telephone number in the United States. It's also been mired in 48-year-old technology. So let's just put that on the internet, right? What could possibly go wrong? Without the radical segmentation of the PSTN, the move to IP networks (even the private, managed kind) will bring new 9-1-1 capabilities AND new vulnerabilities. This talk builds on the work of quaddi, r3plicant, and Peter Hefley (see &lquo;Hacking 911: Adventures in Destruction, Disruption, and Death,&rquo; DEF CON 22, It provides an overview of NG9-1-1 architecture and security concerns, and identifies critical attack surfaces that Public Safety Answering Points need to monitor and secure. Familiarity with NENA's i3 and NG-SEC standards may be helpful, but is not required.