Sticky Keys To The Kingdom: Pre-auth RCE Is More Common Than You Think presented at Defcon 2016

by Tim Mcguffin, Dennis Maldonado,

Summary : With minimal to no effort, we can gain SYSTEM level access to hundreds, if not, thousands of machines on the internet [remotely]. No, this is not a new super 1337 exploit and no this is not even a new technique. No super fancy website with poorly designed logo is necessary, there is nothing new here. Tim and Dennis have discovered that something only stupid sysadmins would do turns out to be much more prevalent than expected. What starts off as a sysadmin's innocent attempt to fix an issue, turns into complete compromise of entire servers/workstations with no effort needed from the attacker. Tim and Dennis will discuss how we came to this realization and explain how we automated looking for these issues in order to find hundreds of vulnerable machines over the internet. Tim and Dennis explain the tool developed for automation, provide statistics discovered from our research, and go over ways to protect yourself from falling victim to the issue.