CAN i haz car secret plz? presented at Defcon 2016

by Ferdinand Noelscher, Javier Vazquez,

Summary : The CAN bus is really mainstream, and every now and then there are new tools coming out to deal with it. Everyone wants to control vehicles and already knows that you can make the horn honk by replaying that frame you captured. But is this all that there is on this topic? Reversing OEM and third party tools, capturing firmware update files on the fly, and hijacking Security Sessions on a bus are just a few examples of things that can be done as well. For this and more, we will introduce to you the CanBadger! It's not just a logger, neither an injector. It's a reversing tool for vehicles that allows you to interact in realtime with individual components, scan a bus using several protocols (yup, UDS is not the only one) and perform a series of tests that no other tool offers. The CanBadger is where the real fun begins when dealing with a vehicle, and you can build it under $60USD! If you are already done with replaying frames on the CAN bus and want to learn how that fancy chip-tuning tool deals with your car, or simply want to get Security Access to your vehicle without caring about the security key or algorithm, we are waiting for you!