Using Hypervisor and Container Technology to Increase Datacenter Security Posture - Tim Mackey, Black Duck Software presented at LinuxCon 2016

by Tim Mackey,

Summary : Cyber threats consistently rank as a high priority for data center operators and their reliability teams. As increasingly sophisticated attacks mount, the risk associated with a zero-day attack is significant. Traditional responses include perimeter monitoring and anti-malware agents. Unfortunately, those techniques introduce performance and management challenges when used at large VM densities, and may not work well with containerized applications.
Fortunately, the Xen Project community has collaborated to create a solution which reduces the potential of success associated with rootkit attack vectors. When combined with recent advancements in processor capabilities, and secure development models for container deployment, it’s possible to both protect against and be proactively alerted to potential zero-day attacks. In this session, we’ll cover models to limit the scope of compromise should an attack be mounted against your infrastructure. Two attack vectors will be illustrated, and we’ll see how it’s possible to be proactively alerted to potential zero-day actions without requiring significant reconfiguration of your datacenter environment.