Act Three, The Evolution of Privacy– Thursday Keynote presented at GrrCon 2016

by Arron "finux" Finnon,

Summary : ZOMG not another god-damn privacy talk, i’m fed up of this. When will it ever end? We all know privacy is dead!
STFU, we’ve been saying things like that for too long! Empires have come and empires have fallen, but what part has privacy really played in any of it?
What i can tell you is, what we consider privacy today, isn’t what what was considered privacy a thousand years ago. You could argue, privacy is a learned behaviour of our species that’s less few centuries old. Yet that doesn’t quiet paint the full picture. However what is strange about privacy is, if i deny you your privacy, you will have physiological reactions to this (as well as psychological ones too). Most privacy talks I see are centred around a key premise, that what we have, we will lose, if we don’t stand up for it now, which is true. Yet few of those talks look at privacy from a historical prospective. Can we truly protect something we hold so dear, when we know so little about it’s history?
This talk is a gentle walk down Memory Lane, looking at many civilisations interpretation of what privacy is, and how it has been nurtured, as well as how it has been attacked. After all, “privacy may actually be an anomaly.”