GrrCON Presents, Celebrity Bumfight Cybergeddon presented at GrrCon 2016

by Duncan Manuts, B3ltf4ce ,

Summary : A GrrCON exclusive superstar panel discussion special event: Bend over, here it comes: CYBERWAR! Pew pew pew!
Call it hacking back or “active defense,” there is a rising mew from the civilian sector about the desire to defend themselves in the great cyber war. Panelists B3ltf4ce and Duncan Manuts will square off in an executive panel interview point-counterpoint roundtable format. These award-winning experts will discuss the intricacies of complex policy ramifications as well as the deep technical aspects of this Gordian topic. Which side of this debate has the intellectual and ethical high ground? That will be for you to decide. But one thing is for certain: you will be much, much smarter for having attended this talk.