Surreal Paradigms: Automotive Culture Crash presented at GrrCon 2016

by D0xt0r Z3r0,

Summary : The parking lot I entered was full of cars with special patterns and packed as I walked through the secured door and waited 20 minutes for someone to open the man-trap and let me in. This was the first time in my 18 years of professional experience I stepped into an experimental facility for a major automotive manufacturer.
Getting sick of all the talk about Cybersecurity for connected vehicles, we’ve decided to network and bridge cultures between education, major automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and noble explorers automotive vehicle security by creating the first ever cyber-security vehicle certificate.
Journey down this surreal paradigm with a front seat view between the hacker, educational, and the corporate cultures of automotive security.
We’ll explore the differences, and most importantly the similarities that I have observed between the hacker and automotive cultures to hopefully help foster a greater understanding between the two.
I will also make recommendations for both sides to hopefully help us create partnerships. Through the positive art of perception both the hacker side and the automotive side of security can greatly benefit from each other.
For legal reasons, I can’t disclose the names, but I can talk about the general experiences I’m still encountering as a professional teaching Cybersecurity working with the major automotive players in Detroit.