“Building an Applied Intelligence Model” presented at Skydogcon 2016

by Dave Marcus, Wally Prather,

Summary : The Advanced Programs Group (APG), has combined traditional malware and cyber-attack research with advanced intelligence community analytics. This molding of methodologies has led to significant advancements in the identification and targeting of today's cyber-criminals and hackers. APG research and projects combine traditional malware and threat research with US Special Forces Analytical Methodologies of Human Intelligence, High-Value-Individual Targeting, Open Source Intelligence, and Social Network Analysis to create advanced threat profile focused on the individuals and networks behind these cyber-attacks. There are humans and networks behind EVERY one of today's cyber-attacks. These humans have patterns, agendas, lifestyles, and a worldly presence that can be tracked, analyzed, and quantified as human and networks tend to behave in patterns. Let APG show you how they are building the tools and processes to identify and take down these cyber-criminals and hackers.