“Spy Game: Red Teaming In The Real World” presented at Skydogcon 2016

by Kizz Myanthia,

Summary : Red Teaming or Tiger Teaming is a black hole of misinformation and knowledge most have never had the opportunity to experience. Whether working for the dark or the light side, an understanding of what information is available about an organization is key to their security. Both professional Information Security people and those that have an interest in further understanding the depth and methodology of what a professional “attacker” team can and will do to gain access is key to their success. During “Spy Game” we will look at the entire methodology of what it takes to execute a successful Red Team engagement. We will cover the initial OSINT and intelligence gathering, the pre-advance, surveillance / counter-surveillance, understanding security breach vectors, communications, execution, and even reporting and delivery. As part of “Spy Game” the attendee will be thrown into the weeds of a “real life” engagement.
Along with the knowledge and skills the attendee will receive a Red Team Bag that will include:
The Bag
A Handheld Radio for communication
A set of LockPicks
A set of Cyber Security Tools for the covert/clandestine operator