Hands on Hacking with the WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky and LAN Turtle (closed) presented at Deepsec 2016

by Robin Wood, Sebastian Kinne, Darren Kitchen,

Summary : From wireless fundamentals to physical access security, man-in-the-middle attacks and precision WiFi exploitation, this workshop builds the competence to effectively exploit a range of Hak5 developed penetration testing tools.
Learn directly from the developers of the WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky and LAN Turtle to get the most from these leading penetration testing platforms. Lectures and hands-on exercises emphasize responsible best practices and integration with popular penetration testing workflows.
Provided in this class are a WiFi Pineapple NANO, LAN Turtle, USB Rubber Ducky along with ISO/VM and course material. Students must bring a notebook computer capable of booting a USB live Linux OS or Virtual Machine.
About the Tools:
The WiFi Pineapple is the gold standard rogue access point. Capable of mimicking any hot-spot, this honeypot is highly effective at auditing modern WiFi devices. Managed in person or remotely through a simple web interface, the operator is uniquely poised as a man-in-the-middle enabling intelligence gathering, host redirection, credential capturing and so much more.
The USB Rubber Ducky is the original Keystroke Injection Attack tool. Posing as a generic USB Drive it's a social engineer's best friend. The open source tool is easily programmed allowing it to deliver automated keystrokes capable of gathering intelligence, installing backdoors, exfiltrating data and more - all while bypassing most prevention measures.
The LAN Turtle is a covert Systems Administration and Penetration Testing tool providing stealth remote access, network intelligence gathering, and man-in-the-middle monitoring capabilities. Housed within a generic "USB Ethernet Adapter" case, the LAN Turtle’s covert appearance allows it to blend into many IT environments.