Invited Speakers: Ernest Mueller : Lean Security presented at lascon 2016

by Ernest Mueller,

Summary : Moving fast is a business imperative that you can’t afford to be in opposition to. Lean, DevOps and Continuous Delivery philosophies hinge on the ability to move fast through collaboration, automation, and aligning with the flow of the organization. Security needs to be able to make the same transformation.
As a concrete example of applying these approaches to security, we will show how an attack driven approach to your software delivery pipeline increases transparency and visibility throughout the organization and pairs with the high-throughput philosophies of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. We will engage in defensive systems thinking to change the attack landscape in our favor, while working with the way the business functions and not against it.
From this session, you will:
- Understand the Lean, Agile, and DevOps techniques emerging in organizations today
- Be armed with organizational strategies for bridging devops and security
- Take a defensive systems thinking approach to operations (and development)
- Apply the right detection and monitoring with real-world examples