Keynote: The Internet of Intelligence: The Evolution of the Self-Aware Global Network presented at ThreatIntelligence 2016

by Chris Blask,

Summary : "Threat Intelligence" has moved from a technical descriptor to an industry catchphrase. While many catchphrases come and go, "Threat Intelligence" shows every sign of becoming a fundamental of cyber operations. In fact the term is still too limited; ultimately the goal is not to create an overlay threat intelligence network on top of the existing internet, rather to give the entire global network visibility into itself. The Internet of Intelligence will ultimately involve all cyber systems everywhere. Local intelligence (who you are, what you have, what it does) will leverage external intelligence (what is going on around you) for local purposes. Local intelligence will, in some cases, in some fashions, be shared and give rise to broader awareness. "Threat Intelligence” is one part of that pool of awareness, however it is the overall contextuality of threat intelligence that will allow it to be used for local and broader purposes. This keynote provides a view into the future of the Internet of Intelligence and its implications on local and global security.