A5 Taking Your C-Suite Executives on a Tour of the Dark Web presented at ThreatIntelligence 2016

by Diana Kelley,

Summary : There's no limit to the scary headlines about what goes on in the dark web. But as security professionals our job is to help educate the C-Suite on risks and how to defend against attack, not to panic them into knee-jerk reactions. In this session, IBM's Executive Security Advisors Etay Maor and Diana Kelley will walk attendees through a tour of the dark web that is tuned for a C-Suite audience. We'll pull back the FUD curtain and show what's really happening on the dark web and provide guidance on how to share that information with executives to help promote positive change, such as investing in resources, education, and controls. We'll also provide clear guidance to attendees on how to build a program to strengthen defenses against the threats.