B6 Lessons of a Cyber Warrior presented at ThreatIntelligence 2016

by Connie Barrera,

Summary : We’re under attack, and to say organizations across the board are slow to respond is an understatement. On average, it takes enterprises anywhere from 9-18 months to identify a breach. How much data do you think the bad guy is able to exfiltrate in that period of time? All of it! The demands for cybersecurity amidst the ever-increasing pressures in the enterprise for bigger, better, faster, and yesterday have become a huge challenge for any administrator and/or security professional. Keeping the organization’s most prized assets—the data—safe is a highly complex task within the plethora of technologies, demands from users, and compliance. Time and again, the age old problem perpetuates: a weakened security posture. Is this Groundhog Day reality a result of highly sophisticated innovative threats? Are attackers all of a sudden much smarter and coordinated? Some may be, but time and again breaches evolve from the basics, which include poor patching practices, inadequate network hygiene, and ultimately culminate with an end user population that is ill equipped to combat the ever-evolving threats bombarding their inboxes. While there is no magic wand in the war against cyber attacks, the key differentiators between successful mitigation of risk lies not only in the fundamental product choices but especially how we operationalize those solutions and their features. Attendees of this session will learn: • An understanding the threat landscape • Principles of cybersecurity • Operationalizing for success • End-User support needed by every organization