Challenges and Opportunities: Application Containers and Microservices presented at BSidesNova 2017

by Andrew Wild, Amil Karmel,

Summary : Virtualization has fundamentally altered the computing landscape over the past ten years, abstracting infrastructure from operating systems, enabling IT to reduce costs and to leverage new deployment models such as cloud. One of the fundamental challenges in migrating to the cloud is breaking application dependencies on the operating system. Application containers accomplish this by providing abstraction and isolation between applications and the operating system, enabling cloud portability and scale up/scale out architectures powering the DevOps revolution. Docker, in particular, has taken Industry by storm, resulting in over 400 million downloads and 75,000+ containerized applications leveraging this open source platform. But what about Security? IT professionals need to understand how application containers and microservices architectures impact their security posture. Come learn how application containers and microservices work via the definition published in the new NIST publication SP 800-180, understand the security challenges with this approach and opportunities unveiled via best practices and strategies to enable your organization’s Secure Development Operations (SecDevOps) revolution.
What you’ll take away:
Application Containers and Microservices 101: How they work and work together
How to and who uses these solutions?
Challenges posed by Application Containers and Microservices
Best practices for securing application container and microservices