Illusion vs Reality: An FBI Agent’s take on how private sector realities are masked by government sector illusions of intelligence sharing, public-private partnerships and best practices presented at BSidesSanFrancisco 2017

by Jason Truppi,

Summary : I will be sharing illusions and realities that I have observed as a veteran FBI agent, who has worked hundreds of cyber incidents, and what I see today having assimilated into the innovative world of Silicon Valley tech. We all know that cybersecurity threats are evolving faster than the world can consume them and that requires passionate and dedicated people to help advance us forward and protect our assets. The reality is government alone cannot move at the pace that is needed to protect their constituents. Often there is a disconnect from what government perceives as a problem versus what private industry categorizes as a risk. Government and technology companies must work together to solve the breach pandemic we have today. I will be highlighting how enterprises are truly preparing their security teams, what valuable metrics they are capturing, what tools are most useful, and what government best practices and standards have been the most sticky. I will be covering the realities of applying threat intelligence, big data analytics and artificial intelligence at scale. Then we will take a step forward and think about what new security problems might be awaiting us in the near future. My goal is to expose the facts of what organizations are actually experiencing, which should help government focus their efforts in the areas that will be most effective at combating the threats that face us daily.