Security through Visibility: Organizational Communication Strategies for InfoSec Teams presented at BSidesSanFrancisco 2017

by Katie Ledoux,

Summary : As organizations scale, collaborating with the rest of the business can become increasingly complicated for InfoSec teams. I spoke with individuals across several industries and job functions about their experiences working with InfoSec, and these interviews (along with data gathered through plenty of personal failures) revealed two ways we can step up our game.
1. Increase visibility: Make sure the rest of the organization knows where to find us, and ensure we’re operating alongside them… not waiting get looped in once something is on fire.
2. Communicate effectively: We can make ourselves super visible by sending 15 mass emails every day, but that’s not especially effective. Using the right strategies will ensure our communications are impactful.
We will explore how team visibility and effective communication can improve the security posture of our organizations, and you will leave this session with straightforward strategies that are simple to implement.