All Your Base Are Belong to Everyone: Managing Digital Trust in the Era of Megabreaches presented at Hackmiami 2017

by Alexander Heid,

Summary : The year 2016 & 2017 experienced unprecedented disclosures of compromised data sets that were made available to the public within the hacker underground. It is reported that over 2 billion sets of usernames, email addresses, and passwords have been released thus far. The breaches go as far back as 2012, and include such household names as Yahoo, Dropbox, Linkedin, and dozens more. Furthermore, advanced toolkits from nationstates are now public domain, whereby any script kiddie can become a shadow government hacking master. Where do these breaches come from? How did they originate? Why did it sometimes take years to discover? What have attackers been doing with the data? What can attackers still do with this data? What can companies and individuals do to protect themselves and each other during these floods of hacked data sets? How dramatically has this shifted the cyber risk landscape?