The Cloud is a Lie presented at Hackmiami 2017

by Eijah ,

Summary : For years now, companies have been promoting Cloud-based storage as a solution to all of our data needs. We've been told that the Cloud is a magical place, and can provide fault tolerance, cost efficiency, and reliability. With an ever-increasing number of companies offering such solutions, the cost of hosting our data on somebody else's servers is at an all-time low. But what is the actual cost of this new-found convenience? Could the Cloud also have dark lining?
This presentation is about how decentralization can help us subvert and rage against the Machine. The decentralization of the Internet will take control away from governments and corporations. It will empower us to once again be the authoritative source for all of our personal information. Imagine a world where Facebook, Google, and other Internet powerhouses are rendered impotent because we no longer need them. Decentralized networks, persistent storage, and innovative applications are ushering in a new era of online security, anonymity, privacy, and collaboration. We're sorry, Mr. Zuckerberg, but your services are no longer required.