Hacking Politics: Infosec in Public Policy presented at Anycon 2017

by Shahid Buttar, Jonathan Capra, Rashida Richardson,

Summary : In recent times, the issues of the InfoSec community have arguably become synonymous with those of our overall society. In a world where the Internet is now the backbone of every facet of life, from Wikileaks’ influence on electoral politics, to encryption’s effect on law enforcement, we see constant examples where InfoSec is determining our geopolitical reality.
As legislative and law enforcement bodies respond, it is unfortunately often in a less-informed manner. Ignorant, restrictive and even oppressive policies and legislation threaten to restrict free expression, hamper ingenuity and hobble digital security.
Some of the threats are being devised right here in New York State, literally across the street at the Capitol. We will review recent attempts to litigate against encryption, mandate backdoors, and obtain private data without warrants or oversight.
The InfoSec community must advocate for their interests in public policy within our democratic representative institutions and the court of public opinion. A diverse panel of speakers will examine how we can accomplish this with activism and lobbying.