How To Hack Recruiting: Turning the Tables (Panel) presented at bsideslasvegas 2017

by Kris Rides, Steve Levy, Pete Radloff,

Summary : Are you sick of applying for jobs and never hearing back? See that perfect position posted and wonder what the hell you have to do to even get a human being to look at your resume? Has trying to get a foot in the door at your dream company turned into a nightmare? That makes, well, all of us. But if you want looking for work a whole lot less work, the good news is, you can hack your way into getting hired. You just have to think like a recruiter. But assuming you have marketable skills and actual experience in something other than not calling people back, you probably can't kill off enough brain cells to crack the recruiter code.
That's why this session will reveal how recruiting really works, from what happens when you apply for a job to how recruiters source, screen and select candidates to how offer negotiation really works. We'll pull back the curtain and look at how hiring happens today, the rules of the recruiting game and how to beat recruiters at their own game. You'll learn every secret hiring pros don't want you to know, and how to white hat your way into the world of work, without all the work (and the BS, buzzwords and banalities of the talent trade).