Poking bears: Validating the truth from IoCs in attack postmortem reports presented at bsideslasvegas 2017

by Andrew Brandt,

Summary : During the year leading up to the 2016 US presidential election, a number of security companies released detailed reports about attacks against government institutions, political parties, journalists, and others involved in the election. All these reports point in the same general direction at a group of threat actors who have become widely known. But as we know, attribution is a sticky subject where a lot can go wrong, and often does. In this session, we'll discuss the specific IoCs used to attribute the attacks, and share what related, supporting, or contradicting information Symantec knew about the network infrastructure used for these attacks, and how they relate to hostile behavior previously observed originating with these threat groups. In essence, this is the session where we'll discuss what we knew and know about these APT groups and their operations, and share in full our observations and data.