Malware: Then, Now and How presented at BSidesSpringfield 2017

by Cody J. Winkler,

Summary : The goal of this presentation is to provide a 10-year snapshot of malware to the audience. What did the threat landscape look like 10 years ago vs. what does it look like today, and why is malware still such a huge problem? Malware is still a major security threat to end-users like it was in 2007, but with the added scope of how it can impact entire industries today. Through technical analysis of two major outbreaks within the last year, Mirai and WannaCry (for the sake of time constraints, I could do one or the other, I don’t have to do both), I hope to show the audience that 10-year evolution, a better understanding of what malware can actually do, and a basic understanding of the analytic process (techniques, tactics, and procedures).