Hacking up the Chain: Stories and Tips for communication to bosses, VPs, and C's presented at BSidesSpringfield 2017

by Ben Miller,

Summary : You know you have the right info, under the risk, and have presented your technical case to CXO or whoever. But the they don’t listen, or they scoff at the need to take action before they are hacked and become another statistic! Why do exec’s and non technical not listen to you? Are they just dumb? They can’t read the news? This can be especially frustrating when they hired you to tell them about these problems in the first place! What is a hacker to do?
We hack our communications, message, and delivery. I’ll present to you the hard earned knowledge of years of telling people how they will be breached and how to say it so your bosses, your VP, or your CXOs actually listen, understand the depth of the risk, and TAKE ACTION. We just want to help, and surprisingly the execs want our help. Let’s work to make sure they grok it.
Here’s some of the quick wins:
If you can’t measure it, it isn’t real (to them)
A cool hack is not as interesting (to them), as one that demonstrably affects The Business.
Yes, most exec’s what you to understand the WHY of their plans (and want to know yours!)