The Art of n00b (Strategies for the New Guy) presented at BSidesSpringfield 2017

by Matt Stephenson,

Summary : Look left. Look right. One of you is the new guy. We’ve all been there, and have to figure out how to deal with fresh meat coming in (or how to get our head above waters as the new guy). Breaking into an Information Security career is a challenge in and of itself, but how do you succeed (or help your new guy succeed) once your foot is in the door? Applying the lessons learned from mentors and peers, this presentation outlines a pathway to success for the new guy entering the field (you, or a teammate). Focusing not on tools and training (don’t worry, they’re still discussed) that can shift dynamically with industry standards, instead a focus is placed on values that can be developed to ensure success. Pursuit of mentorship, knowledge, and a honed mindset empower the new guy to find his feet. Recognizing the “veil of knowledge” fallacy, the power of being vulnerable to your team, humble in your proceedings and bold in your actions grant the new guy tools for success. Understanding the necessity of passion, and the value of failure, ensures longevity as the new guy turns… to welcome the new guy.