What a former Repo man can teach about OSINT and SE presented at CircleCityCon 2017

by Michael James,

Summary : Attendees will learn the basics of Social engineering and OSINT.
What makes SE/OSINT practices such powerful tools for the Red Team arsenal? Where should I begin and not totally freak out my friend, family and employer? What are the tools that help automate these tasks? Why would anyone want to learn these skills? What can people learn from the open source intelligence gathering and why is it important to privacy and security for your family and work environment? What do the bad guys do when they want to drill down on a single target and make them the victim of a spear-phishing campaign? What tools, open source and otherwise, are in the InfoSec community and how can one leverage the human factor to gain physical and digital access to a targets environment? These are some of the questions we will cover. We will detail out the path to diving into the Social Engineering/OSINT Red Team Space.
We will also leave 5 minutes for questions about anything covered in the talk.