D0 No H4RM: A Healthcare Security Conversation presented at Defcon 2017

by Joshua Corman, Jay Radcliffe, Christian quaddi Dameff, Jeff r3plicant Tully, Beau Woods, Suzanne Schwartz, Michael C. Mcneil,

Summary : Previously a free-flowing, fast moving conversation between old friends and new colleagues in a dimly lit and alcohol soaked off-strip hotel suite, the third annual edition of "D0 No H4rm" moves to the better lit and even more alcohol soaked auspices of the DEF CON 25 Evening Lounge for a two hour session that links makers, breakers, and wonks in the healthcare space for a continuation of what may be one of the most important conversations in all of hackerdom- how to ensure the safety and security of patients in a system more connected and vulnerable than ever before. Join physician researchers quaddi and r3plicant, and researcher turned wonk Beau Woods as they offer an update on the state of the field and curate an interactive and engaging panel before breaking out the bottle and getting social. Continuing a tradition that has sparked professional connections, project ideas, and enduring friendships, "D0 No H4rm" aims to offer a prescription for the future, and we want your voice to be heard.