DEF CON 101 Panel presented at Defcon 2017

by Highwiz , Roamer , Wiseacre , Malware , Niki7a , Shaggy ,

Summary : The DEF CON panel is the place to go to learn about the many facets of DEF CON and to begin your DEF CONian Adventure. Here you will begin your adventure that will include more than just listening in the talk tracks. You can get hands-on experience in the Villages and witness amazing feats of programming in Demo Labs. You may even display your own powers by participating in a contest or two in the Events and Contest Area. The panel will give you what you need to know to navigate DEF CON to your best advantage. We have speakers who will regale you with tales of how they came to be at DEF CON and (hopefully) inspire you with their personal experiences. Oh yeah, there is the time honored "Name the Noob", with lots of laughs and even some prizes.