Panel: DEF CON Groups presented at Defcon 2017

by Jeff ( Dark Tangent ) Moss, Major Malfunction, Grifter , Jun Li, Jayson E., Brent White, Waz , S0ups ,

Summary : Do you love DEF CON? Do you hate having to wait for it all year? Well, thanks to DEF CON groups, you're able to carry the spirit of DEF CON with you year round, and with local people, transcending borders, languages, and anything else that may separate us!
In this talk, you'll hear from DEF CON's founder, Dark Tangent, who is also moderating the panel. Jayson E. Street, the Ambassador of DEF CON groups will also discuss updates about the program and share information from his global travel to help start groups around the world. We will also discuss what DEF CON groups are, how to get involved, as well as ideas for how to run a group, location ideas, and how to spread the word.
Founders of their own local DEF CON groups will also discuss the awesome projects of their groups, as well as projects from other groups, to give ideas to take back to your own DEF CON group. Projects we'll discuss range from custom badge build, IoT devices, vintage gaming systems, custom built routers, smarthome devices and more!