Man in the NFC presented at Defcon 2017

by Haoqi Shan, Jian Yuan,

Summary : NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is widely used in security, bank, payment and personal information exchange fields now, which is highly well-developed. Corresponding, the attacking methods against NFC are also emerged in endlessly. To solve this problem, we built a hardware tool which we called "UniProxy". This tool contains two self-modified high frequency card readers and two radio transmitters, which is a master-slave way. The master part can help people easily and successfully read almost all ISO 14443A type cards, (no matter what kind of this card is, bank card, ID card, Passport, access card, or whatever. No matter what security protocol this card uses, as long as it meets the ISO 14443A standard) meanwhile replaying this card to corresponding legal card reader via slave part to achieve our "evil" goals. The master and slave communicate with radio transmitters and can be apart between 50 - 200 meters.