Empirical in Information Security: Peering, Net Neutrality and Privacy presented at SPI 2017

by Edgar Weippl,

Summary : Over the last years, there is an increasing number of descriptive works observing and describing complex phenomena, e.g., the efficiency of different spam campaigns, the distribution of bots, or the likelihood of users to accept false identities as friends in social networks. These studies are characterized by large sets of samples.
Future research will focus on networks and cloud systems; the research methodology will be empirical systems security: (1) passively observing large systems and (2) active probing that stimulates revealing behavior of the systems. The research contribution lies in observing, describing and inferring the behavior of complex systems that cannot be directly observed and have a large impact on users.
In this presentation we will look at how we can measure whether ISPs implement peering, if they adhere to net neutrality and we will also look at aspects of privacy.