An ISP-Scale Deployment of TapDance presented at FOCI 2017

by Nikita Borisov, Alex Halderman, Eric Wustrow, Will Scott, Benjamin Vandersloot, Sergey Frolov, Fred Douglas, Allison Mcdonald, Rod Hynes, Adam Kruger, Michalis Kallitsis, David G. Robinson,

Summary : We report initial results from the world’s first ISP-scale field trial of a refraction networking system. Refraction networking is a next-generation censorship circumvention approach that locates proxy functionality in the middle of the network, at participating ISPs or other network operators. We built a high-performance implementation of the TapDance refraction networking scheme and deploy edit on four ISP uplinks with an aggregate bandwidth of 100 Gbps. Over one week of operation, our deployment served more than 50,000 real users. The experience demonstrates that TapDance can be practically realized at ISP scale with good performance and at a reasonable cost, potentially paving the way for long-term, large-scale deployments of TapDance or other refraction networking schemes in the future.