Hacking The Pentagon presented at corncon 2017

by Daniel Lim,

Summary : This is a booth in the and runs 9-4:30 during expo hours. It involves demonstrations and is not a presentation. In this workshop, participants will get a taste of penetration testing and offensive cyber operations using real-world exploits to attack (i.e. "hack") Windows servers. They will utilize off the shelf tools and simple scripting to go through the stages of footprinting/scanning, enumeration and attack. The workshop will be facilitated a US Army Cyber School instructor who will guide participants through the various exercises. Infrastructure will be hosted on AWS EC2 instances so anyone with a SSH capable computer will be able to participate (a limited number of laptops will be provided CornCon). The workshop will close with a brief discussion of the practical implications of this technical demonstration. The ultimate goal is for participants to leave the workshop with a better understanding of the techniques behind and manner in which cyber security affects the real-world.