Burping for Joy and Financial Gain presented at derbycon 2017

by Tim “lanmaster53″ Tomes,

Summary : "If you do application security and don't use Burp Suite, then you're likely doing it wrong. If you do use Burp Suite, then you know that Burp is chock full of features that are either counterintuitive in their placement or complicated to use. In this talk, my goal is to leverage experience gained from years in the field with Burp Suite to demystify some obscure features of Burp and share unintended ways I use the tool to be a more effective and efficient application security tester.
As a PortSwigger Burp Suite Training Partner, I have the privilege of teaching students with many different levels of exposure to Burp Suite. One thing remains consistent across all of the students in my classes; Regardless of skill level, they all walk away with something that makes them more proficient with Burp Suite. I'm confident you will too."