The Current State of Security, an Improv-spection presented at derbycon 2017

by Sean Metcalf, Nick Carr,

Summary : "Think ""Whose Line is It Anyway"" meets InfoSec - don't expect to see many slides. This presentation is literally security theater (but this time in a good way).
Sean & Nick improv their way through several current challenges in securing networks and discuss ways to improve defenses. Audience participation is mandatory and suggest topics, categories, and wacky APT names from the mundane to the bizarre. From the moment the clock starts, Sean & Nick will do what many in our industry are accused of doing anyway: making things up as we go along! We know we can give some insight, hope to make it fun, and if we’re failing, we’ll revert to props!
The dynamic duo will wrap up the improv adventure with a handful of slides that highlight the best methods to defend against the current threats. These slides will summarize the useful information that Nick & Sean had subliminally been providing in between the props and ad hoc skits. Furthermore, the audience will walk away with some actionable tasks to better secure their environment.
Suggested audience: skeptics, people a few beers deep, and anyone who wants a different take on the standard infosec talk while still learning some solid methods to protect against modern attacks."