Strategies on securing your banks & enterprises (from someone who robs banks & enterprises) presented at rootcon 2017

by Jayson E. Street,

Summary : Most people who work on the defensive side of computer security only see the landscape from that perspective! In this talk, Jayson will show how an attacker views your website & employees and then uses them against you. We'll start with how a successful spear phish is created. By using the information gathered from the companies’ own 'About' pages as well as scouring social media sites for useful information to exploit employees. The majority of the talk will be covering successful countermeasures to help stave off or detect attacks. This discussion will draw on the speaker’s 15 years’ experience of working in the US banking industry on the side of defense. At the same time, Jayson will be drawing on over 6 years of doing engagements where he took on the role of the attacker. If everything turns out well, everyone will have learned something new that they can immediately take back to their networks and better prepare them against attacks!