Breaking Down the Debate on STEM Skills Supply and Demand in Cyber Security and the Role of Non Technical Skills. Fixing Cyber Security’s Image Problem – Attracting the Workforce of Tomorrow presented at sinet 2017

by Richard Johnson, Rick Geritz, Darren Bilby, Leanne Cover, Elanor Huntington, Christopher Leckie,

Summary : Australia will likely need around 11,000 additional technical cyber security workers over the next decade, just to meet the industry’s ‘business-as-usual’ demand forecasts. No data currently exists on the expected demand for non technical cyber security roles. Against this, Australia is expected to lose several thousand cyber security professionals over the next decade, either due to retirement or to employment overseas. This panel will look at some of the key issues around the cyber security workforce and ask: How can we make better use of our existing talent as we develop education programs to produce more cyber security professionals? What are some of the key skills that employers should be looking for in their workforce?