RansomeWare, IOT and Cyber Blackmail, Where is This Headed? presented at sinet 2017

by Chris Mohan, Lynwen Connick, Greg Crowther, Toby Dagg, Itay Glick,

Summary : Malicious cyber activities have the potential to seriously harm not just an organisation’s business and reputation, but also to compromise a nation’s security, stability and prosperity. The number of incidents has spiked in recent years, as perpetrators aggressively exploit flaws in digital infrastructure. Researchers are predicting the coming onslaught of ransomware and inherently insecure IOT devices is a formula for the perfect storm. Is this formula theoretical and if so, what measures can we implement to mitigate risk to systems? Is it possible to make the attackers return on investment so costly they will move elsewhere? Should victims acquiesce to extortion demands and what type of improvements and policies must be implemented? Will we ever be able to adequately protect our citizens?