Exploiting and abusing web applications flaws in industrial and network communication devices presented at syscan 2017

by Bertin Bervis,

Summary : ABSTRACT
PLCS, data acquisition servers and industrial network communication gateways/routers often comes with a web server/web service enable, these web applications usually are being put in production with a lot of bugs and issues. Vulnerablities like stored XSS , path traversal,LFI, or RCE those are really easy to find in this devices but task needs to be done manually since automated tools/scanners usually crash the web application during the scan execution .In the worse scenario these web servers are being publish in the internet and remote attackers can take over these vulnerablilities in order to get access ,remote execution or persistance in browsers.
In this presentation, i,m going to demonstrate real cases about several vulnerablities found in web servers from PLCs, Weather stations and industrial gateways/routers from well known vendors in the industrial field , i will demostrate practical exploitation step by step about issues that i found and have been reported to every vendor affected, i will share tips and techniques to spot easy and quickly vulnerablities in these web appications in industrial devices.