Technical Keynote: What Can Reverse Engineering Do For You? presented at shellcon 2017

by Amanda Rousseau,

Summary : Reverse engineering is a core skill in the information security space, but it doesn’t necessarily get the wide spread exposure that other skills do even though it can help you with your security challenges. We will talk about getting you quickly up and running with a reverse engineering starter pack and explore some interesting x86 assembly code patterns you may encounter in the wild. These patterns are essentially common malware evasion techniques that include packing, analysis evasion, shellcode execution, and crypto usages. It is not always easy recognizing when a technique is used. This talk will begin by defining the each technique as a pattern and then the approaches for reading or bypassing the evasion.
The target audience will be novice to intermediate RE, the talk essentially works over the concepts presented in my RE102 workshop. I expect that the attendees know some assembly, but it’s still valuable for those just starting out.