Security fears: When the machines eat the ladder and stilts won’t reach the cloud presented at sourceseattle 2017

by Gunter Ollmann,

Summary : For today’s security professional there are two truly decisive technologies rewriting career paths. Advances in cloud architecture and increasing momentum behind large enterprise migration to the public cloud have ensured security fundamentals are part of the fabric and defenders finally have advantage over the attacker. In parallel, advances in machine learning and integration of increasingly sophisticated machine intelligence is automating away much of the time-consuming and least-skilled security work.
As cloud and machine intelligence remove their lowest rungs on the security ladder, those first-time jobs in a security professionals career no longer exist – with the delta between a newly minted graduate in computer science and being a productive (and employed) security expert widening by the day.
Can the coming generation of wannabe security professionals get ahead of the machine? And what do these technology advances mean to the long-term careers of today’s security professionals?