Communications Matters! Improve your Presentations and Public Speaking and improve your effectiveness presented at sourceseattle 2017

by Rob Cheyne,

Summary : Many people, when polled, say that they would prefer death over public speaking. Others enthusiastically get in front of every audience they can find, but their message falls short. Rob has conducted training sessions and presentations for well over 25,000 people around the world, and will share some of his best tips & tricks to help you be a better speaker, trainer, and communicator.
In this session, you will:
- Learn how to get your message across to any audience
- How to cut through the mess and get to the message
- Why dense, detailed powerpoint slides are often completely ineffective, and how to do it better
- How to answer hard questions on the fly
- Learn about one of the #1 challenges with public speaking that most people overlook
- Learn about a fail-safe strategy to make even the most introverted audiences interactive
The session will be tailored to the students in the room, so bring your best public speaking, training, and presentation questions!